Q: What does PSUxLing look for in abstract submissions?

A: PSUxLing is looking for original, undergraduate linguistic research that can be presented in a poster format. While we especially encourage research projects focusing on Spanish linguistics, this is not a requirement. We absolutely welcome and encourage students working on other languages to submit abstracts as well. Abstract submissions should describe the student's own original research, summaries of other research are not appropriate for presentation at PSUxLing. Abstract submission can be related to any formal or experimental issue within the academic discipline of the language sciences.

Q: Can I submit more than one abstract?

A: Students can submit up to two abstracts to PSUxLing; however, only one of the two abstracts will be accepted for presentation, as it is impossible for a student to present more than one poster at the same time.

Q: Does my research have to focus only on Hispanic linguistics?

A: No. Students are invited to submit abstracts focused on linguistics research in any language.

Q: Can I attend PSUxLing even if I'm not presenting or am not planning to submit an abstract?

A: We encourage all students to submit abstracts! All of our submissions are reviewed by graduate students, who will provide students with anonymous feedback about their abstract submissions and their research projects. This constructive feedback will be very helpful in future revisions of your research project. Nevertheless, everyone is welcome to attend PSUxLing, whether they submit an abstract or not or whether they get accepted or not. Everyone who plans to attend PSUxLing should fill out the registration form.

Q: Where can I stay the night?

A: There may be some crash space available to student presenters. Usually, this will involve staying with other graduate and undergraduate students at Penn State. Please indicate on the registration form if you need crash space.

Q: How will I know if I won a PSUxLing travel award?

A: Travel awards will be provided to students whose abstracts receive the highest scores during the review process and who are traveling to Penn State from another campus. Travel awards can be used to cover airfare, mileage, and/or hotel costs. When submitting your abstract, please indicate in the submission form whether you would like to be considered for travel funding. Students who win travel awards will be contacted by email by mid-August.